In accordance with Government Covid-19 Guidelines, summer camps can open. JETA Sports understands the situation is ever-changing and we are providing some guidelines based on Government advice.
Please read the following guidelines and protocol.

1. Attendance:
If a child has been in contact with a person with or displaying the symptoms of COVID-19 in the last 14 days, he/she should not attend the camp. If a child has been outside the country in the last 14 days, he/she should not attend the camp. If he/she is symptom free for 14 days he/she may then attend.

2. COVID-19 symptoms:
If at any stage a child begins to show signs or symptoms of COVID-19 during the duration of the camp, the parent or guardian must not send them to camp or should collect them from camp as soon as possible. A designated area will be assigned to ensure that a child with a suspected case can be isolated until parental collection occurs. The Camp Co-ordinator reserves the right to refuse entry to a child displaying signs of COVID-19. (Symptoms of COVID-19 = Cough, fever, shortness of breath, excessive fatigue, sore throat).

3. Groups:
Children will be assigned to a certain group on Day 1. The child will remain with this group/pod for the duration of the camp. After a child is assigned to their specific group on the first day of camp, they will not be permitted to move to a different group at any stage. Each group will be capped at 15 children. Children should remain with their groups during break/lunch times.

Amid the current Covid-19 concerns, any participant who is intentionally in breach of rules around hand hygiene, respiratory etiquette or repeatedly straying from their group will be dismissed from camp.

4. Social Distance:
Parents/Guardians should speak with their children about the importance of socially distancing from others. i.e keeping 2 metres apart as per government guidelines. Every effort will be made to ensure that camp participants adhere to this rule. However, due to the nature of the sport, participants will not be able to maintain social distance throughout many of the activities.

5. Hygiene:
Parents/Guardians should discuss safe hygiene practices with their children. i.e. That they are familiar with and follow hand hygiene guidance and advice. They should wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or with an alcohol-based rub regularly.

6. Cleaning:
• We will ensure that frequently touched surfaces (table-tops, door handles and handrails) will be cleaned and sanitised regularly.
• Waste collection points will be emptied regularly.
• Bathrooms will be cleaned and sanitised regularly. Children will be encouraged to use hand sanitiser before and after using the bathroom and to wash hands thoroughly.
• Equipment will be sprayed with disinfectant after each session and at the end of the day. 7. Hand sanitisers:
These will be provided at all entry and exit points. There will also be a hand sanitiser station for before and after breaks. JETA Sports requests that each child attends the camp with their own supply of hand sanitizer for personal usage during the week.

8. First Aid:
If first aid is required, it may not be possible to maintain 2 metres distance. We will provide first responders with updated training on infection prevention and control principles including performance of hand hygiene and appropriate use of PPE when delivering first aid.

9. Drop off and Collection:
Whilst dropping off and collecting children, parents/guardians should adhere to social distancing guidelines. It is recommended that congregating in groups should not occur. Parents will not be permitted to enter our camp facilities at any time during the camp day unless previously arranged with our head office. Every child will be temperature checked by us each morning before entering the camp.

10. Registration:
During the registration process, parents and children will be required to maintain social distance. The camp fee must be provided in an envelope with the child’s name on the front. There will be no change provided at registration; full payment should be included in the envelope.

11. Rain gear:
In so far as possible, activities will take place outdoors. Therefore, parents/guardians should ensure that their children have adequate rain gear and that they have applied sunscreen before attending camp.

12. Water:
Each participant should bring their own water bottle and should have an adequate supply of water with them. There will be no access to our usually drinking water facilities.